Bella Poarch Has Surprised Her Fans With a Deadpool Costume. Is That a Halloween Idea?

TikTok is very famous platform among youth now. And many normal people are also gaining popularity because of it, which is really nice opportunity for people to show their talents. Bella poarch is one of them. She started TikTok in 2020 and within the 2 monts she gained popularity on TikTok. She gained 10 million likes on her lip syncing video on hip hop song M to B.

Bella poarch seen in a Deadpool costume. 

Deadpool is very loved character of marvel comics. Recently bella poarch uploaded 4 picture of herself in Deadpool Constume on her Instagram.  She captioned the post as ” Kiss me like you miss me, red”. As the Halloween festival is near, it might be her idea for the Halloween celebration. On that single post she got 1.8 billion likes and 10k comments.

Things to know about Bella poarch. 

Bella is a famous tiktoker who has 7.1 million followers on her Instagram page.  She’s considered as 19 year old but there’s no correct information about that as she has never posted about her page. She joined army in the year 2017 and she’s really inti getting tattoos.  Because of one tattoo she also offendes the Korean people as it disturbed their ethics and history, Bella got a red sun rising tattoo with 16 rays which meant a lot on Korean culture. She soon covered the tattoo after she got criticised by Korean fan. She also releases a statement explaining her mistake and asked for forgiveness.  There was another scandal rumored about her. It was said that she recorded a intimate video with rapper Tyga, but no video got released related to this, soon this rumor also disappeared.

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Bella poarch also informed her fans that she suffers with PTSD, anxiety and dept.