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Behind The Scenes Of Hulu’s The Great

The Great is an American comedy-drama created by Tony McNamara. It is an occasionally true story that is based on the rise of Catherine the Great who was the Empress of Russia. It is a miniseries and was first aired on Hulu on 15 May 2020. Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult are seen as the main characters as Empress and Emperor of Russia. The show has so far just 1 season with 10 episodes.

The Great has proved that the story writing and the crisp dialogues are still the most important and enticing thing about a film or TV series. This can only draw the attention of the fans as well as the critics, casting is always secondary. Tony McNamara’s excellent writing has once again proved his brilliance as no doubt he is an Oscar-winning writer for The Favourite. He has written another dark-comedy with an ‘occasionally true story’ with all those crisp and sharp dialogues.

Behind the scenes, the costume designer Emma Fryer and production designer Francesca Mottola for The Great were the perfect duo to help bring the 18th-century Russian royalty so believable with a modern touch to it. Talking about the costume, the jewelry selection was the best suited and it complimented the whole costume and design so perfectly. The rooms in which series has been filmed successfully takes us to a real 18th-century world and over-the-top drama where scenes play out.

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There’s a lot to admire about this show, but the unsung hero and probably the most admiring thing is the phenomenal set which we literally can’t get enough of.
The cast has also shared some secrets that the handwritten letters to the use of gold leaf that caused a U.K. shortage. It required a professional calligrapher to do the services. It warns and shows us where the fantasy world ends and the actuality of the real-world and the working set begins.

Everything about Hulu’s The Great is worth mentioning and to talk about how beautifully everything has bought to life and all the hard work that has been put behind it.

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