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Be Lucky to Stream All the New TV Shows and Movies of Netflix Originals 2020

Netflix is still the go to content for binge watching movies and TV shows. The horrifying Corona Pandemic has restricted people into staying in their homes. Apart from professionals who work in IT industries, majority have confided in Netflix to reduce their Monday morning blues.

Netflix has been a constant deliverer of premium contents, interesting stories and real adaptations from books. It has also been the prime location for watching underrated movies and consequent sleeper hits, which have earned a lot of money eventually.

10 Movies and TV Shows That Will Feature in Netflix Originals 2020

  1. Extraction- Chris Hemsworth stars as the lead in this cat and mouse chase thriller which will hit Netflix on 24th April. His unparalleled mercenary skills will be used to rescue a child from getting kidnapped.
  2. Money Heist Season 4- Fans have been gushing over this heist and crime drama, which has earned a lot of laurels. Some of its theme songs have become international anthems like Bela Ciao.
  3. Hello Ninja Season 2- This epic family drama would return for its second season.
    Yours sincerely, Kanan Gill- A stand up comedian famous for his wit will talk about the perils of his life and how he overcame them.
  4. The Last Kingdom Season 4- Epic Drama about reclamation of throne and family feuds will return again for its finale season.
  5. Outer Banks- Story revolves around a group of teens who get stuck in a deserted island and discover ways for adventure.
  6. The Big Show Show- Documentary captures the life of WWE superstar Big Show and his road to stardom.
  7. Money Heist: The Phenomenon- Deals with how the most exciting TV series of the last year became such a global phenomenon. Also has inside behind the scenes videos of actors.
  8. La Originals- Majorly about the crime life in Los Angeles in the early 1980’s.
  9. Main Event- A 10 year old kid gets hold of a mask and becomes a wrestler in WWE in a world of alternate reality.
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What fans expect from these shows and movies?

Fans sitting at home would be binging on some of these excellent concepts and would relish watching them without a hitch. Among them Extraction would perhaps be the biggest draw, because of its ensemble cast, excellent reception to the first teaser etc. Hope the shows live up to the expectations of the fans sitting at home.