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Batwoman Season 2 All We Know About the Season So Far

There has been an ever-ongoing debate between Marvel and DC Fans. If it might be thought out from a neutral point of view, DC’s success comes nowhere close to Marvel, in terms of pure film making. But when you take the sale of comics as a parameter, none can beat DC. But the Arrow, Flash and the other heroes of the Arrowverse have truly made things delightful for DC fans. They have flocked the screen more for TV series than for the DC movies. Now there is news that Batwoman Season 2 will be arriving.

Batwoman Season 2: Plot

With the dark knight of Gotham gone, people would need a new hero to save them from their plight. Batwoman would definitely step on the plate to become their new savior. Kate Kane would be the first LGBTQ superhero in the history of Cinema. That itself gives the story a unique point of view. Directors have said that there will be a completely new array of supervillains in Season 2. Fans have wondered whether Kane’s nemesis Alice, would be a part of the show.

The two primary characters earned a lot of critical acclaim for their superfluous performance in the first season. Along with that, there is a high chance that there might be a few namedrops in this season as well. We got to know that Wonder Woman is a part of the Arrowverse form of Justice League. So don’t be surprised if her name is uttered a few times. There is no concrete reason to compare Joker with Alice in this season as well. They are two completely different character shades.

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Batwoman Season 2: Release Date

Now is too early to predict when the second season of Batwoman will release. There is news however that the show has been confirmed for a sequel. It might be somewhere around October 2020 when the show might release. More confirmation can only be added upon the arrival of the trailer for the same.

Batwoman Season 2: Cast Details

The primary character of Kate Kane will be played by Ruby Rose. Other actors who would be in the supporting cast are Meagan Tandy, Nicole Kang and Camrus Johnson. They will be playing the roles of Sophie Moore, Marie Hamilton and Luke Fox respectively. Dougray Scott will be starring as Jacob Kane.

The popularity of Batman has catapulted DC to a space completely unseen previously. Expect bat girl to be the next torch bearer after the retirement of the dark knight.