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Battlefield 6 Here Is the Reason for Delay and What Is the Concept for Next Edition ?

First Person Shooter is perhaps the most popular genre in the gaming universe. Stealth and Kill with precision are two important skills one must possess to succeed in any game which entails this particular type. Battlefield and Call of Duty have been the two flag bearers of this genre for the last 10 years. There has been intense competition among these two gaming behemoths regarding gameplay, graphics and storyline.

Recent announcements suggested that the sixth installment of Battlefield would be released this year. This was exciting news for the avid gaming fans who like to play these games with real passion and intensity.

Reasons for Delay in Release of the Game

It was slated to be released around early 2020. However there has been a series of unfortunate postponements on a continuous basis. It is assumed that Electronic Arts, the mind behind the game are currently focusing on the other projects in their hand. Some other popular games which will be simultaneously released by EA include Ashes 2023, NBA 2k20 and Apex Legends.

They are most probably busy with uploading the new patches for Apex Legends and checking out the recently launched updates of the game. Apex Legends was primarily released on Android. Due to the increasing popularity of the game, it was decided to release it on Personal Computer Version. The development process of that game must have hindered the progress of Battlefield 6.

New Concepts Added to the Game

Some new concepts have been added to the game. EA has some modern military style based project details to the game. In the previous games, the storyline bordered on the patriotism and historical acts of the past. Characters would navigate their way through those storylines in order to ensure the completion of the mission.

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With the adding of military style projects, a realistic angle may be added to the game. Other than this there will be significant enhancements in the level of competition in the missions which have been assigned in the game. Previously online multiplayer modules were not developed enough to offer challenges for LAN play. But now with the passage of time developers of the game have added much more features to the online gaming part of Battlefield 6.

A new mode has also been added to ensure that the franchise is still staying true to its roots. Backdrop of the Vietnam War is the newest incorporation into the storyline. This bears resemblance to a certain prequel of this game itself, Battlefield Bad Company 2.

Battlefield 6 Release Date

No official release date for the game has still been decided by EA. However owing to the Corona Pandemic going on in full swing, there are less chances that the game would be released anytime soon. Trailers and First Look Teasers are still left to be released. However EA is mulling an option to release the game in around October 2020. For knowing the exact date of release you can log onto our website and check continuously.