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Batman and Superman to fight a supervillain together!

Two DC superheroes are coming back together to fight one villain for #10 edition of Batman/superman.

We have seen the superheros teaming up to fight villains few times before. Batman and Superman have previously fought villains to maintain the peace around the world.

Guess who will they be fighting against now ?

Batman/superman #10 edition brings back the first-ever villain by DC. Fans couldn’t ask for more.

The villain Batman and Superman will be fighting is full of terror and negativity. He is evil and represents darkness. He is also known a the epitome responsible of corruption and malice in society. He is in the body of a monsterous gorrila.

Yes ! You guessed it right! The villain Batman and Superman will be fighting is Ulta-Humanite. You might have seen him first in the Action Comics. He is also the first supervillain who combats with superman

We have seen him transferring his brain into a body of gorrila and that is the sole reason behind Ultra-Humanite being in the body of a Giant Albino Gorrila.

Plot of story will be typical Superhero-villain fight.
Ultra-humanite plans terrosim to acquire his domination over the world.
He turns atomic skull into a killing bomb as his deadly weapon.

Superman and Batman will be seen fighting Ultra-Humanite and save the world from his deadly attacks.

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Previously these two legends were up against Dark version of Shazam and now they are up against Ultra-Humanite !
That is a treat to comic lovers for sure.

The comic book is written by Joshua Williamson. Clayton Henry has done the art and the cover of the comic.

It may be on the shelves of book stores on 27th may 2020. Now you know when to keep an eye on your favorite comic book store !