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Bathynomus Raksasa Cockroach Found at Bottom of Indian Ocean

Earth is full of undiscovered species and creatures that are horrifying and dangerous. Although some truly represent the diversity on the earth surface, some are the true representations of nightmares. One such creature was discovered in Indonesia recently. The discovery took place in a research expedition organized by a group of Scientists in Singapore. During their sea expedition, they caught a massive sea cockroach. The video of the capture has gone viral on social media with all kinds of horrifying reactions from the social media circle.

Bathynomus Raksasa discovered in the Indian Ocean

The group of Scientists led an expedition in the Java Sea. It is located on the Western Coast of Indonesia. During their expedition, they had caught hold of a variety of sea creatures. But their most baffling catch was the fourteen legged sea cockroach. It was a giant crustacean found in the lower surface of the sea. These animals generally feed on the remains of marine animals. They are also renowned for going long periods of time without any sort of edible material.

Origin of the creature

The creature is believed to be the relative of a giant crustacean family. It resembles more the shape of a shrimp and a crab. These creatures can grow as big as 20 inches with some of them even bigger. That makes them the second largest isopod in the world. It also ranks them higher and above many other members of the marine aquatic ecosystems. The diet for these creatures varies on a large scale with the majority of them feeding on edibles offered from the sea. They also feast on the dead carcasses of fishes and other marine animals. This makes them a scavenger of sorts.

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Reaction on Social Media

After the video went viral on Social media, there have been reactions from all corners of the globe. Many have had to shudder reactions on seeing the creatures. With social media fame, comes the making of memes. Thus many memes have appeared on Facebook and Twitter regarding the creature. It has also been termed as the Darth Vader in relation to the fearful looking general of Star Wars. Many have also made Spongbob memes in relation to the creature. It is sure to make the social media circle abuzz for some time now.