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Barack Obama Ignores Government Initiatives Against Corona – Being Apolitical?

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Barack Obama was one of the most loved presidents of the US. With coronavirus outbreak and declaring of national emergency in the US. Obama seems to have lost his interest in politics of the country since the completion of his tenure. He didn’t support or go against the methods taken by the government. He neither did point the fact that Trump had taken the pandemic issue lightly.

The authors Shea Serrano and Roxanne Gay have been contributing their part in helping the people of the US fight the pandemic issue. Shea Serrano is helping people by paying their medical dues and student loan. He just asked them to post the screenshots on the twitter platform. He has vowed to send direct payment of $10000 to those in need. His exact tweet was, “Who has a bill coming up that they are not sure if they are gonna be able to pay?”

Gay is helping the poor by providing $100 bills to 20 people. Obama on noticing the efforts by these individuals immediately tweeted about them in his twitter handle. Although, the people are not happy about it as he is supporting only the private individuals and not any government bodies or methods.

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However, vice journalist Laura Wagner suggested that focusing on the great work is a way of avoiding the obvious. She claims that government intervention is needed to avoid unemployment, depression and deaths. Private initiatives, though being good aren’t enough to cure the pandemic.

Wagner further says that, “The refusal to engage in politics is, of course, a political act. So too is a decision to focus solely on individual responsibility—a huge part of what got the country into this mess in the first place – rather than that of the collective.”

Despite all the hatred, Obama continues to be positive. He seems to focus only on inspiring the Americans to fight this pandemic. “Stay healthy. Stay hopeful”, he tweets. Earlier, Obama had shared a video on the outbreak of Coronavirus and how if unchecked, the virus can infect a lot of people at lightning speeds.