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Bang Bang : Watch Spider Man’s Marvel in New Avengers

After the terrible new that Sony and Marvel won’t be working together, fans were way too sad. They broke up over contract problems. The worse thing about this news was that Spider-Man would not be a part of MCU anymore. This news basically brought tears on every fan’s eyes. MCU brought Spider-Man to a very high platform by allowing him to be a part of the Avengers series.

What happened to Spider-Man because of this?

The fact that Spider-Man might die, for real this time, scared everyone. This news was overrun on social media after it came out in around August 2019. Both studios, Sony and Marvel, could not come to an agreement regarding who will get the rights for our Spidey. However, some new reports showed up which said that Disney has come to the frontlines for a deal. The deal stated that projects involving Spidey would be divided 50/50. The co-financing will be done between the two studios, i.e. Sony and Marvel.

However, Sony said no to this offer and gave a counter deal. That new deal was that the old deal will be untouched. That meant, Marvel will get the merchandising rights but only have 5% of the gross.

Is Spider-Man gone?

After the agreements and other deals came to a hard stop, Spidey did not really have a home. However, after a month, something really funny happened. Tom Holland was at a party and he was drunk. While in that state, he called Bob Iger and told him to bring back Spidey. The best thing was that Tom was crying on the phone. That is when it was decided that Spider-Man is coming back.

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The deal was that both studios will finance the movie together, equally. And that is when Spider-Man Three was confirmed.

Spider-Man in the upcoming Avengers

The deal also contained something more. Besides the third movie, Spidey will also show up in a movie with other superheroes. Could that new movie be…..Avengers?

There is a chance that the two studios negotiated and maybe still are. Both of them got something from the deal. Disney too got a very good deal. Sony will be able to show MCU. There is one more thing. In the last Spider-Man movie, we saw Peter on his path to become like Tony Stark. There might be more to it. Some reports suggest that he could become a part of an upcoming Avengers movie.

It would be totally awesome if this happens. We will see many characters together again and Tom Holland as Spidey has been pretty good so far.