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Bancroft Season 3 : Aired Date, Plot, Renewal and What We Expect From This Season ?

After a pretty long break of two years, Bancroft returned on January 1st. Fans and all the viewers were happy and excited to watch the new episodes. The audience were sensing some problems with the future of the show. They pretty much still are. The show has been facing a lot of premiere issues. It is confusing for everyone, to say the least. The biggest question on everyone’s mind is whether Bancroft season 3 will happen.

Even though Bancroft returned, a lot of rumours have been going around about the tv show. The show’s season three may or may not happen. Read below to learn more about the possibilities.

Has Bancroft Season 3 Been Renewed?

There have been no announcements about the renewal of the show for a season three. The creators Kate Brooke and actor, Sarah Parish said that they do plan to start another series. If that series in Bancroft then we will hear more and maybe get an announcement.

When Will Bancroft Season 3 Release?

The first season of Bancroft came on ITV in the last month of 2017. Now the latest season came in January 2020. We might have to wait another couple of years for a season 3 if this is a pattern. The audience will have to wait till 2022 to see season 3 depending on its renewal.

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What Will Be the Plot of Bancroft Season 3?

The story revolves around Elizabeth Bancroft, who is an ex-cop. Yep, the name totally speaks British. She is pretty popular around her colleagues. The plot is about her goals, to become the Chief Superintendent of Detective. She wants to take on the Kamara Gang. So much mystery gets revealed near the end of season one and two.

Before the ending of the season, Joe finally admits to being the killer. He admits that he killed Laura and Katherine. Joe also stated that Annabel knew that his mother died. He had not talked to her ever since Katherine’s memorial.

It is obvious that the story will continue from the ending of season 2. But nothing about the exact plot has been revealed.

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