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Bancroft: Season 3 Air Date and Characters Details You Need to Know

Bancroft: Season 3 Airdate and characters details you need to know. Haven’t we all waited for this! Guess there will be around three too. This British drama had us all when it returned with a full blast this January. 

They had taken quite a long break for two whole years. And definitely, it was worth a wait! This show premiered by Tall story pictures for  ITV and has won hearts all over the globe. 

Now, the fans are pondering over the possibilities of a new season. Will there be a new season? This article is everything you need to know about Bancroft season 3. Watch out for any spoilers from season one and two. 

Bancroft Season 2: Release Date

At last, the production crew has given an affirmation on not ending the series soon. Which means, we are definitely getting a season three. 

Also, the fans can be relieved at the moment considering that this is not the end.  Currently, there has been no official announcement regarding the release date. But the fans are guessing that it may be out by 2021 or 2022.

However, the last season had been featured on 11tg of December, 2017 and then on the 1st of January, 2020. That was a long wait. 

Bancroft Season 3: Cast

Of course, We have the leading character Elizabeth Bancroft played by  Sarah Parish. Also includes a variety of upcoming actors listed below:

  1. Ryan McKen as Daanish Kamara
  2. Adam Long as Joe Bancroft
  3. Lee Boardman as George Morris
  4. Charles Babalola as Andy Bevan
  5. Adrian Edmondson as Cliff Walker
  6. Charlotte Hope as Annabel Hope
  7. Francesca Annis as Carol
  8. Linus Roache as Tum Fraser
  9. David Avery as Detective Superintendent Jake Harper
  10. Jacqueline Boatswain as Chief Constable Frances Holland
  11. Shameem Ahmad as Naila Kamara
  12. Amara Karan as Anya Karim
  13. Anjli Mohindra as Zaheera Kamara
  14. Art Malik as Detective Chief superintendent Alan Taheeri

And the List Goes On.. 

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Bancroft Season 3: Plot

The last seasons revolved around the leading character Bancroft’s child getting framed for the death of her dad and stepmother.  The real culprits being her and her stepbrother. 

However, she was caught later and taken to prison. They found her truth in her phone while she was at the hospital. Season three might pick up from where it left. 

The mastermind behind the crime drama, Kite Runner, creator and writer, did a marvellous job on the same. 

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