“Baki” Season 3 may come soon on netflix fans are super happy now

It seems that we have an upcoming season of Baki heading our way. That’s right people! Baki Season 3 is heading our way, by this June we will be able to witness Baki’s action and his fighting prowess on the whole other level.

What’s waiting for us in the upcoming season?

The series is going to be released in this year only and with that, the series is going to be filled with action. As the new teaser which launched on YouTube is saying it all.

The teaser gives a quick glimpse of the upcoming story which is going to happen and by the looks of it, it’s going to showcase the Raitai Tournament which means the action is going to be quadruple.

In the last season, we saw the five death row inmates came in Japan to know defeat against the five selected warriors by Tokugawa. The series ended with the death and defeat of most of the inmates and Baki who was poisoned by Yanagi Ryukou.

His body was weak and at last, He and Kozue went to visit certain places where they found Retsu Kaioh who takes them to China to fight in Raitai, as Baki’s father, Yujiro Hanma, is also going to take part in the tournament.

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With that, We also had Muhammad Ali Jr. who also is going to take part in the competition and there are going to be many strong men who will showcase their talent and obviously what they really got.

When it’s going to be on Netflix?

The upcoming season is going to be out in June most probably which means we don’t need to wait anymore for the season anymore. The series is based on “Baki: The Grappler” which is very much famous since 1991.

The latest manga is going to be showcased in the upcoming season. This time the series is going to be more dangerous and interesting. So, fans stretch yourselves up cause this time you will not get a chance to do so.