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Backstreet Rookie Episode 5: Release Date and Other Details Regarding the Show

Korean Dramas have gained immense popularity in the streaming world over the last few years. With their riveting storyline and attractive cinematography, there are scores of people who are fans of Korean movies and series. Only four episodes of Backstreet Rookie have been out till this date. But still, the show has managed to create a lot of hype and controversy since it’s release. There have been criticisms regarding the portrayal of sex scenes which are a true black mark on Korean culture. Initially, the ratings for the show had been down a bit. But now with increased controversy, ratings have skyrocketed. More and more people are flocking to watch the show. Here are some important updates you should know before the release of Episode 5.

Backstreet Rookie Episode 5: Plot

The story of Backstreet Rookie involves the story of love and passion between two teenagers. We are introduced to the characters of Choi and Jung. Initially, we see Choi going to an all-girls high school. The girls are really impressed by his tall lank handsome figure. They ask him to buy them a pack of cigarettes from the convenience store. However, in order to impress the girls, Choi buys them Candy’s and wins their hearts through this process. After three years, Choi opens up his own convenience store to earn some handy amount of money. Since he is the only person in the shop, Choi decides to have someone as his part-time worker. At that point of time, Jung applies for the job and gets selected for the role. The growing romance between the Choi and Jung is very evident from the passionate lovemaking scenes we see in the show.

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Backstreet Rookie Episode 5: Release Date

Episode 5 of Backstreet Rookie is supposed to release on July 3, 2020. The release will take place at the standard time of 9 am. Owing to the Pandemic, many shows during this duration had been canceled. However, since post-production activities for this show were complete by then, the producers decided to release it on the designated date.

Backstreet Rookie Episode 5: Where to Watch?

If you are someone residing in South Korea, you can definitely watch it on TV. Only if you have subscribed the channel on which the show would be telecasted. However, if you decide on watching the show on an online platform, and if you are not someone from Korea, then you can tune in to iQIYI Streaming Platform.