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Babulal Vaishnav: Temple Priest (Pujari) Set on Fire After That Dies of Severe Burn Injuries

A 50 year old priest was set on fire by the land mafia’s who was trying to snatch the land of temple area. This is the incident of Bolna village sapaotra devision of Karauli district of Rajasthan. This incident took place on 8 october when 6 people barged into the house of priest and started destroying things when the priest babulal vaishnav tried to stop them they poured petrol on him and put him on fire. The priest was quickly sent to SMS hospital JaipurĀ  A video of the poor priest also came in sight where hes crying with pain of severe burns.

Before dying the priest mentioned the name of 6 people, only one of them is found yet and rest are on run police are searching for them.

What basically happened with the Priest Babulal Vaishnav

Priest and his family was looking after the temple for quite a long time and they had their small house within that land and used some part of land to cultivate.The local gand mafia was trying for a long time to gain that land for self use and threatened the priest but he didn’t took it Serisously and loosed his life. On Thursday 10 pm kailash along with other 5 members showed up at the place and and disturbed the temple and destroyed the land where the priest was living , when the priest tried to stop him from doing it they poured petrol and left the priest to die. The police complainy was made by the priest’s nephew.

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What former chief minister said about it

Former Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje came forward and talked about this incident and in her statement she said that not only Dalits, womes, children’s no one is safe in the state as the crime incidents are increasing more and more and she also said that this was a highly commendable crime so the priest should be bring to Justice.

The people of village also spoke about it and said that brahmin should be brought to justice otherwise they will come out on roads and perform against the government and police.