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B Positive Episode 2 and 3 Release Date and Preview

B positive 1st episode was released on 5 November 2020 and it gathered real attention from viewers. It hard to manage to hey attraction of people by just 1 episode but the concept and story lining made people attracted to it. This series is created by Marco pennette amd it has the motivation from his own experience of getting a kidney transplant.

Plot of the series

The series is based on a character drew who is going through a lot in his life. He got divorced from his ex wife Julia and was made to distant himself from his teenage daughter and then this kidney failure. He even didn’t had much of friends who can be there for him. Another problem was his blood group B+, it was getting hard to find a person with that blog group to transplant the kidney in his body. And one day he finally met his savior Gina in a friends wedding. Drew and gina was high schoolmates but didn’t had kuch of contact.

Gina is really fun lady and she always end up doing crazy things specially after drinking. Sje had the blame for breaking many marriages and even she jumped out if her window but this time she did something crazier. She agreed to be donor for drew and they developed a strange relationship.

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Everything to know about episode 2

Episode 2 will be aired on 12 November around 8:30 pm. In the Episode we will see dews health getting worse and making him more desperate to ask Gina again about her promise which made whole drunk but she will keep her promise. Drew will end up making a very special offer to Gina and she won’t be able to say no to that.

Everything to know about episode 3

The episode 3 will be out on 19 November 2020.Inthat episode we will see drew and Gina spending some quality time together and developing a good relation. Gina is crazy and fun to hang out with and we will be see drew forgetting about his problem’s for a while.