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Avengers Star Karen Gillan Now Becomes Batgirl In Awesome Fan Art What Happened?

Avengers star Karen Gillian becomes Batgirl in awesome Fan art
Avengers star Karen Gillian becomes Batgirl in awesome Fan art

So will there be another actor from Marvel Cinematic Universe to take up a role in DC extended universe?

A talented actress like Karen Gillan, will she be capable of presenting Batgirl, who doesn’t have a solo movie yet?

Will there be an on-screen adaptation of the female fictional superhero out of the comics?

Karen Gillian as Batgirl? – This is what happened

Avengers star Karen Gillian becomes Batgirl in awesome Fan art
Avengers star Karen Gillan becomes Batgirl in awesome Fan art

Karen Gillan herself, once revealed that she would love to play Batgirl in the movies.

Ever since she came out expressing her excitement and willingness in taking up and performing the role of Batgirl on screens.

Fans and enthusiasts worldwide totally agreed with her idea and started mentioning her as Batgirl in social media.

There’s huge support too from all kinds of fans and many other people who think she’ll be totally perfect and fit for the role of The Batgirl of DCEU.

Andrea Giglio, an artist created a digital portrait of Karen Gillian in the Batgirl suit, which looked stunning and breathtaking.

It was so perfect that the purple Batgirl suit fitted her pretty well. Hence her chances of getting roped into DCEU as the new Batgirl are stable and high.

Amazing looks and exposure of ‘already played’ a superhero character on screen. Yes, Nebula in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Karen Gillian as Batgirl: Who is Batgirl?

Batgirl or Betty Cane was the first name of Batgirl according to the comics where she made her first appearance in 1961.

The Character’s name was later changed to Barbara Gordon and later to Cassandra Cain where plots, stories and even roles varied.

She’s also one of the crime-fighting masked superheroes of Gotham City. She was created by Bill’s finger.

Karen Gillian as Batgirl: Superhero Movies

Avengers star Karen Gillian becomes Batgirl in awesome Fan art

Karen Gillian is currently part of two major movie franchises in Hollywood, Jumanji Franchise and Marvel Cinematic Universe.

She was praised for her performance as Nebula, Daughter of Thanos and Gamora’s sister who plays an important role in deciding the fate of the MCU She makes her first appearance in the 2014 movie, Guardians of the Galaxy and plays a negative role in both of the volumes.

Later she joins forces with the Guardians, finally getting back to her sister and fights the mighty Thanos.

She helps Avengers in collecting the Infinity stones back through time travel and also plays the role of an antagonist as a result of time travel.

She nailed her role as a superhero and she’ll surely be the best fit for Batgirl too.