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Avenger Endgame Seems to Failed to Resolve One Key IRON Man Storyline

Avengers Endgame was definitely THAT MOVIE of the last decade, showcasing the end of the terror of one of the endearing villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While the heroes rejoiced their victory over the battle against Thanos, they also had to face with the sacrifices and loss of some heroes.

Be it Black Widow sacrificing her life for the soul stone, Vision handing out the mind stone to stop Thanos or Iron man wearing the Infinity Stones gauntlet for a final clapback finger snap at Thanos, we will never forget about it.

The One Key Left Unresolved in Tony’s Arc

During the three hour long run of the movie, we witness many moments in Tony’s storyline. Be it him meeting his dad and solving his grudges towards him, living his life with his wife Pepper and daughter Morgan and defeating Thanos at the cost of his own life, surely Marvel did a great job in finishing off Tony Stark’s arc.

But the movie forgot to resolve one key which is left, Bucky or Winter Soldier. As many of you may know that, in the movie Captain America : Civil War ; Iron Man or Tony gets to know that his parents didn’t die in a car accident. Rather they were murdered by the brainwashed HYDRA Agent.

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What made things worse was the fact that Steve Rogers (Captain America) knew all about this and didn’t told Tony. This left Tony with a huge scar and full of vengeance and anger, that he starts fighting with Bucky and Cap.

Tony and Steve’s Reconciliation

Well, in Endgame Tony made up with Steve admitting his resentment towards him. Both of them had a mutual and mature understanding among themselves, putting their grudges aside to fight the evil that stands in front of them.

But there was no moment in the movie to be seen an amendment made with Bucky. Maybe they would’ve shown some kind of an agreement made between them, or just a moment that there’s no grudges in Tony regarding Bucky. But we did saw Bucky, at Tony’s funeral, which can be a sign.