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Avatar 2: Arrival Date, Cast, Plot, and Directing Sequel

When the first movie came out, it ended breaking many records. It was beautiful and also the highest-grossing movie at that time. Though, its records have been broken but it is very impressive to know what it achieved.

Avatar 2 was also announced but there were no details on it. Avatar received lots of praise by the audience. People are very excited for the sequel and are waiting for information on it.

When is Avatar 2 Releasing?

We now have a tentative date for the much awaited sequel. The sequel will be on the cinema screen on December 17th 2021. You will see more of the blue aliens in December of next year. However, the movie was supposed to release earlier but due to the ongoing pandemic, it was wise to delay the movie. It is about 7 years behind schedule but hopefully it will be worth the wait.

Who Will Be in the Cast of Avatar 2?

A lot of information regarding the cast has been kept tightly under wraps. There is nothing but speculation at this point except Zoe Saldana. Zoe Saldana has been confirmed to be in the movie so far. She will have the same role that she had in the first movie. Sam Worthington might also be in the movie.

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What Will Be the Plot of Avatar 2?

The creators have stated that each movie of the series will have no direct connection to the previous one. You won’t need to watch the previous to watch the second one.

So, if you are seeing this movie for the first time then you will have no confusion. We do not have any information regarding the plot of the movie. However, it is impossible to speculate right now without have a clear idea about the movie. It will involve the aliens but in what capacity, that’s what we don’t know yet.