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Attack On Titan Season 4: Release Date, Cast, and Everything You Must Know

An anime series Attack on Titan is ready with its new season as season 4. Fans can expect this here. It is a fascinating plot that could draw a mainstream audience with little interest. There has been a long delay in season 2, which has stopped the momentum. The flow of Attack on Titan has broken. However, a quick turn in season 3 has brought a good standard in the show.

After the end of the recent season, it was official that season four will take place surely. Now fans have been eagerly waiting for the upcoming one. They are ready to watch the next plot of the show.

Attack on Titan Season 4: Release Date

After the season 3 finale of Attack on Titan, Season 4 premiere was ready in 2020. There was a little difference between the second and the third season of Attack on Titan. However, season 3 split into the parts. Thus people believe that there will be 10-12 episodes of Attack on Titan season 4.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Plot

The position of season 4of Attack on Titan is in a strange position right now. Hajime Isayama is a comic series, and it is on its end. But people cannot say how long it might go. To all the chapters of Attack on Titan, it is like a big challenge to bring the thread in one season. Attack on Titan has been facing a sprint to its finish. There is, however, no doubt that there will be 12 episodes in the next season as in season 2.

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At the end of the series, Attack on Titan has finally reached the basement by breaking through reality. It has been through the existence of the Titans and Universe.  However, season 4, as expected, may not take this as the plot in it. Instead, it will be working on an entirely new story and characters. However, in the end, the old and new cast must meet. The makers have not revealed an in-depth detail for the show. However, the new season will undoubtedly come with some extraordinary stories.

The next upcoming season has put the fans in doubt. It has deepened their curiosity for the next one.