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What Makes “beastars”more Than A Manga??? Get Ready With Netflix This Year!!!

Netflix Will Launch “Beastars” On March 13, 2020- The Most Awaited Anime Series Streaming Launch Has Been Dated!!!!

It was already announced that “Beastars” will be aired by October 2019. After a bit of teasing and waiting Netflix is planned to launch Beastars- season 1 exclusively on March 2020.

Anthropomorphic Story

What if animals had a society? What if they lived in cities and towns, having mayors and presidents? What if all of the different kinds of animals and birds, from lions to deer, wolves to rabbits and mice, all went to one school and studied in the same classroom? Wouldn’t that make an interesting story? then its “Beastars”.

“Beastars”: Plot

Beastars is a popular Japanese manga series written and illustrated by paru Itagaki. The series has won multiple awards and became a smash hit on japan. It was the first Akita Shoten title to take home the Manga Taisho Awards. There is nothing to wonder regarding the high demand of the subscribers globally. It has an excellent and compelling storyline; many fans of the franchise adore the artwork of the “Beastars”. The main theme is still becoming a Beastar but for some while, it was saving Haru from the Shinsengumi which is a gang of lions. Many may look at this show as a filthy furry anime but it is much more than that. 

The Storyline

It’s about prejudices, self-discovery and life under the idealistic totalitarian rule where carnivores and herbivores supposedly dwell in harmony, Everyone is already acting and then they try and act some more. There was a civilized world for animals, would carnivores and herbivores be able to live peacefully? Would a carnivore be able to resist its natural instincts and the temptation of tasting the flesh of others? We’re thrown into the story with the murder of an alpaca named Tem in Cherryton Academy. This gives rise to a level of tension between herbivores and carnivores. And then, we have our main character, Legosi, a gray wolf, suddenly awaken to his carnivorous instincts on a creepy night and almost eat a dwarf white rabbit.

“The Impossible Reality”

Beastars successfully manages to take animals and turn them into characters. This is one of the highlights of the show as we see more and more of the characters’ inner sides. Beastars already exceeded the expectations of subscribers in Japan. The most unlikely of pairs, a rabbit and a gray wolf having complex thoughts with one and the other. Beastars seemingly makes the impossible a reality, he gives us an insider look at their psyche. Watching Beastars is more than just about a dramatic story of Beauty and the Beast but as a way of showing how cruel the real world can really be. All together it will make an amazingly believable world.

Get ready to thrive in the feast of music, emotions, drama, and excitement.

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