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Asteroid To Hit Earth Next Week Has NASA Confirm The News To Be True

There is news going viral on every social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, and youtube that the world is going to end on the 29th of April in 2020 as there is an asteroid flyby coming toward our Earth and going to hit it and the world is ending.

Everyone is sharing this message and the video that the world is going to end.

But now this fake news and message are coming to an end as NASA declared that the asteroid doesn’t the Earth it just pass by of Earth but don’t hit it.

NASA says that it just causes some global effects on the Earth.

NASA also shares some important news about this astroid and states that the asteroid was first found in 1998. NASA also states that the asteroid fly by first time in 2017, now in 2020 and next it is going to fly by in 2057.

As spreading fake news is totally wrong but now the NASA statement about the asteroid put a full stop on every fake news about the asteroid and it is good for the people who take very seriously the fake news of the world is going to end.

But thankfully, the world is safe and there is nothing going to happen as the asteroid is just passed by from the earth and causes just some global effects.

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