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Asteroid Flyby NASA Have Some News Regarding Asteroid Bennu’ Surface

Asteroids are rocky substances smaller than the planet. The images of asteroid BENNU were taken between the months of March and April in 2019. They were put together to form one image, which was made up of 2155 Polycom photos showing rocks with a resolution of 2 inches per pixel. It was photographed from a distance of3.1 to 5 kilometers.

The SpaceCraft

The spacecraft which was used to do the task was named as OSIRIS-REX, which stands for ORIGINS, SPECTRAL INTERPRETATION, RESOURCE IDENTIFICATION, SECURITY, REGOLITH EXPLORER. The team planned to touch and reach the surface of the asteroid BENNU.

According to the spacecraft, the surface was full of large boulders, which they made use to develop a New technique called NATURAL FEATURE TRACKING.

How Did It Work

There were a total of five instruments used in the spacecraft. It was used to survey the physical and chemical properties of the asteroid BENNU. The target area for the spacecraft was taken to be a circle measuring 164 feet. There were a lot of challenges because laser signals won’t be able to reach there, so it was a tough task for them to manage the weather condition there.

Weather Conditions

The asteroid BENNU is observed to have very little gravity; therefore, it was challenging for the spacecraft to stay in orbit and compensate with the pressure of the Sun. It is assumed that the asteroid has water and some organic material, but their composition is yet not confirmed.

ERIC PALMER – the spacecraft collaborator, said that they had sent a framework of the map produced from radar, but a new map will be prepared which will describe the proper readings from the asteroid’s surface. For this, stereo photo clinometry is used to deduce the 3 D lay of the land from multiple images taken from different angles and to transform them into a fresh map.

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