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Artist Blueface Went on Furniture Shop and Ask for “George Floyd Discount”

Artist Jonathan Michael, popularly known as Blueface has been trolled by his fans after he asked for a ‘George Floyd’ discount very boldly in a furniture shop, just weeks later after he was murdered.

George Floyd was a black man who was been killed by a white police officer Derek Chauvin in the city Minneapolis. The cop kneeled over his neck until he died while he was crying and begging to get up as he couldn’t breathe.

The death of Floyd took a huge picture all over the country. Not only the normal public but also many celebrities who took part in this protest seeking justice for George Floyd. Officer Derek Chauvin along with 3 other cops who were present there have been terminated from their jobs. Many celebrities also donated for this cause and to stop racism.

The 23-year old rapper, best known for his song ‘Thotiana’ shared a video on his social media account (Instagram). Where he is seeing asking for a discount for furniture that he bought of $37,000 in the name of George Floyd and laughing. He also shared footage of himself cashing out in his Instagram stories.

People seem to get really pissed of his behavior when he was asking an employee to give him Black Lives Matter Discount. The rapper ordered a huge luxury table set along with a rug and mirror. Many people called him off for his extremely insensitive and unemotional behavior. And as we can see it did not sit well with many of the public.

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He also received much bashment and many hate comments for his act. People were abusing him and calling him an ass man, disgusting human, stupid, ignorant, etc.
Blueface’s comment on George came in less than a week when Tokyo Jetz had to face backlash. She was joking about George Floyd that she would make her associate.

While Blueface trying to turn this intense situation and burning topic into a joke wasn’t funny at all. Also, fans really pulled him down for his behavior as this is a no laughing matter.

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