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Arrow Season 9: Renewal Date and Future Updates of the Show

DC comics has been the home to a lot of comic book heroes. They have over the years achieved cult status, thanks to the marketing machine called DC. One of them would surely be Arrow.

For a long period of time, it has been one of the most popular shows on Earth. It has aired 8 consecutive seasons starting from 2012. There has arose conjecture about a 9th season of the show.

Renewal Status of Arrow Season 9

Arrow deals with the story of Oliver Queen, a Millionaire. Oliver gets stuck in an island and attains some superhuman abilities like a highly increased sense of vision and archery skills.
He is a guy who has always been suppressed by the system. Deciding to take law into his own hands, he becomes a vigilante with bow and arrow hunting down criminals.

In his quest, he comes across many different villains who try to kill him and build on their objective. Arrow is a great combination of three particular genres- science, drama and mystery.

8 seasons of Arrow has been massively successful garnering critical and commercial fame. The character, Oliver Queen has endeared a lot of people all around the globe. However in a recent interview, the directors of the show confirmed there is no possibility of a renewal of Season 9.

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Future Possibilities for Arrow

Directors for the show have clarified that there is much possibility of the emergence of a different hero in the Arrowverse. He also said that they had done whatever they could do with Green Arrow. Now they are in search of options to extend the franchise.

There is a possibility that the next movie might be Green Arrow and the Canaries, which is the next storyline mentioned in the Arrow multiverse.

However only time will tell whether this venture by the makers of the show would be successful or not.

Till then there can only be disappointment for fans who would have expected to watch another season of their favorite show. But you can always binge watch it on Netflix, Amazon Prime and other available streaming devices.