Arnold Schwarzenegger Dating Heather Milligan, Who Is She? How Did They Get Together? Here Is All What You Need to Know About Them

Who don’t know Arnold Schwarzenegger who is a 73 year old actor and politician. He married Shriver in 1986 . They had 4 children together as Katherine Eunice Schwarzenegger, Christina Maria Aurelia Schwarzenegger, Patrick Arnold shriver Schwarzenegger and Christopher Sargent shriver Schwarzenegger. The couple got divorced in 2011 after being married for 25 years. At the same time this news came that Arnold have a fifth child who is a boy and Arnold had that boy with his housekeeper and found out about him after 14 years or something.

Current girlfriend Heather Milligan

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s and Heather Milligan relationship cake to public in the year 2013, when both were seen kissing in Santa Monica. Even though the couple have a age difference of 28 year’s the couple is still together upto now. Heather Milligan is a physical therapist and owns a “Elkite ortho sports” Centre and is 45 year’s old now. There’s not much news of Heather previous relationship and there’s no news of her having any children’s.

They couple has traveled to many authentic places like Austria and Barcelona. They both share two common interests one is mainly the world of sports and another is politics. Heather have also participated in her bf’s Arnold Schwarzenegger event ” The Arnold strong man classic ” She also once tweeted that share this tweet if you want Arnold Schwarzenegger to be the president of America in place of Trump, it was seen as she really sports her bf’s political desires.

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Even during this quarantine period due to corona, the couple was seen as biking together around their neighborhood showing new couple goals even at this age of Arnold Schwarzenegger as he’s 71. The couple do not have any kid of their own but have a pet dog and monkey and seeing them all together don’t make it feel like thery are lacking anything in their life.