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Arizona Stay at Home Order Issued to Prevent From Coronavirus

Keeping in mind the increasing effect of the coronavirus, which is taking every country into its trap, the governor of Arizona DOUG DUCEY issued an order to stay at home until this threat gets over. The Arizonans are only allowed to step outside if they have an important task like buying groceries off in case of some medical facility.

The governor said that this coronavirus is already affecting the people of Arizona and it’s economy very badly, and he can’t afford more losses; thus, he advised people to say at home until this situation becomes under control. He advised the people of Arizona to find alternatives to stay connected with each other and avoiding social gatherings as much as possible to and prevent corona from spreading. He had issued this order till the end of April.

He had closed libraries and ended elective surgeries, along with bars, schools, restaurants. He had allowed only essential activities to work, which include personal hygiene services as well.

What does Gregg Gonsalves have to say?

Gregg Gonsalves, a professor of epidemiology in Arizona, believes that maintaining social distance and closing the non-essential activities will not stop the virus from entering the province. Still, it will certainly help to lower the cunt of the citizens affected.

Precaution Is Better Than Cure

As reported on Sunday morning, the total cases of corona in Arizona rose up to 919 which was recorded to be 18% more than those recorded the previous day, which depicts that if these necessary steps are not followed by the citizens of Arizona, they will surely face a huge increment in the number of patients with corona positive and a huge decrement in their economy.

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