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Ariana Grande Posted About Mac Miller and Say He Is My Dearest Friend


Pop Stars are known to be very socially affable personalities. Their entire persona is dependant on the way they interact with the public and are able to communicate their viewpoints and opinions to the public in terms of songs. We have seen beautiful camaraderie between pop stars over such a long time now. Some have even become the closest of friends through the same profession they have been a part of for such a long duration of time. While some have formed unbreakable bonds of friendship owing to the albums on which they have collaborated together. At times even on live tours, when the pop stars accompany each other and spend a considerable amount of time on the tour together, they get to know each other and spend quality time. One such is the relationship has been between Ariana Grande and Mac Miller.

Mutual Admiration for each other

Mac Miller and Ariana Grande have had tremendous mutual respect for each other’s work. They have been the closest of friends for a long time. Ariana had said in an interview that she was a big fan of Mac’s work when the couple met for the first time. She said that she had heard all songs of Miller and wanted to learn how he could compose such nice songs. They started spending time together and became really close friends.

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Friendship turning into Love

Slowly the bond of friendship between Miller and Ariana was turning into love. The two best friends were seen hanging out with each other on a daily basis. It was almost as if the couple were inseparable and they were in the constant companionship of each other. The bond of friendship between slowly turned to love, when Mac and Ariana decided to get engaged. Although unfortunately, they broke up after getting involved in a relationship, their bond of friendship was never loosened. They maintained the fact that they were still the closest of friends. They also collaborated on the album Baby It’s Cold Outside, one of the most popular albums of Grande.

Tribute after Death

Ariana showered in tributes for Mac after his death in September 2018. She shared a very emotional post on Instagram calling Mac the support of her life. She also said that she was feeling very void after the death of her best friend. In later posts, she also won a Cinderella gown in order to pay tribute to the memory of the late pop star Mac Miller. The posts were liked and rewatched several times and became very popular.