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Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez Are They in Relationship

Ariana Grande has recently dropped an album with singer Justin Bieber and we think it’s beautiful, love it. Throughout the video, they featured healthcare workers, family members, friends, also there are a lot of couples in the video including Demi Lovato and her new boyfriend and of course Hailey with Justin. What took our heart was the last minute of the video. He was little hidden at first and all of a sudden they packed on a little PDA and OMG! I screamed.

So, Who Is This New Gentleman in Ari’s Life?

He is a luxury real-estate agent from California, Los Angeles. He deals with all the multi-million dollar listings for Hollywood A-list buyers which might explain why he was seen hanging out with Ariana and her friends. This is probably the first time when Ari is dating someone who is not in the public eyes like his previous boyfriends like Pete Davidson. As we all know, quarantine is a perfect time to get to know each other and, hey! looks like our very own Barbie girl Ariana is already on it.

The 26-year-old singer has finally come out publicly about this new man in her life after dating him for several months. Also, Grande and her inner circle follow Gomez which further confirms their relationship.

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Also, this confirms the speculations of her making out with a mystery guy late night outside LA. Yep, that was Dalton. We are happy Ariana Grande has someone to keep cozy during this difficult time of the whole pandemic situation. At first, she tried to keep this relationship quiet but now it seems like she is really happy and finally came out for her fans. We are happy for both of them too and we wish their happiness and togetherness continue.

Fans were already waiting and going crazy about who will Ariana’s next boyfriend as with Pete she almost got married but they broke up after the engagement. As of now, let’s hope all goes well and this new relationship brings a lot of joy and peace to our favorite girl’s life. Until then you stay hooked and what do you think about Ariana’s new man?