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Ares Season 2 : Release Date, Cast, Storyline and What We Expect From It ??

‘Ares’ a horror TV series launched by Netflix in 2020. The story revolves around an Amsterdam’s student joins a secret society who has a very long history and Is present since the Dutch Golden ages, as series progresses we can see few twist and turns and also how far the protagonist is ready to go to rise to the upper ranks.

So far the series hasn’t got much positive reviews from the audience, just to try their luck one more time Ares is coming up with another season very soon.

Ares Season 2 : Release date

As the first season was released recently in Jan 2020 fans can expect a little time before Netflix releases any information related to the series so far there is no official confirmation about season two.

If we analyze how Netflix functions it will be easy for fans to understand or to predict the release date of season two. Netflix mostly focuses on viewership higher the number of viewers more possibility of getting renewed for next season we saw that in the case of The Witcher how they immediately decided to renew The Witcher for next season just by looking at the viewership and honestly by looking at the viewership of this particular series it looks very bleak.

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Ares Season 2 : Cast

As there is no official information about the renewal so far then predicting cast will be foolish at this stage of time, however by looking at the previous season few things can be expected like fans can expect the return of Rosa (Jade Olieberg) even few characters of season one can be expected in case Netflix renews the series for season two.

Ares Season 2 : Possible Story Line

So far there is no official information available about the plot or storyline, however by looking at the end of season one, few predictions can be made like fans saw how the arrival of a black tar like substance which is a superpower known as Beal. We saw at the end how Rosa jump into it and absorbed it. If season two arrives fan can expect Rosa’s new power in season two