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Aquaman Movie “The Trench” Here Is the Latest Updates You Should Known

So After Aquaman became a great success in 2018, DC decided to go with a horror theme and so they bought out the devilish looking Trench creature which was first introduced in the Aquaman movie of 2018. As Aquaman 2 is on the line to get release fans are becoming very curious to know the fate and latest updates related to the movie Trench. 

Plot and Casting : The Trench

Trench is based on the story of devilish looking creature who with time evolves as humanoid with horrific looking hands and legs, so the movie will mostly focus on the evolution of the creature and unlike other DC movie this will be a horror theme movie.

Till now as the movie is still on a writing stage so the caste details are still not available, so fans shouldn’t keep their hops high as Fans favorite Authur Curry (Jason Momoa) and Mera (Amber Heard) will not appear in this movie as already mentioned by Peter Safran however fans do not have to worry as they will return soon in Aquaman sequal.

Release Date and Update : The Trench

As already mentioned above this movie is still on a writing stage so the release date is still not finalized however it was stated that this movie will be released before the Sequel of Aquaman and that movie is set to release in the year 2022 so fans have to wait for some time for the release of ‘Trench’.

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This movie will be produced by the director of ‘Aquaman’ James Wan and will be co-produce by non-other than Peter Safran who is well known for his Conjuring and its spin-off productions. According to The Hollywood Reporter Warner Bros has commissioned a screenplay from former two employees of J.J Abrams’.

As it is going to be a Warner Bros piece we can expect certain changes in the movie as we have already saw in the previous movies of WB. Though the story is of DC’s but Warner Bros will give it a very different unique spin so fans can expect less of DC creation and more of horror conjuring style movie.