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April Fool’s Day 2020 Here Are Some Meme You Should Not Miss

This April Fools’ Day is completely different from the others as the world is struggling to recover from coronavirus. But as usual, memers didn’t leave their job of making people happy and sharing a lot of memes to make thing lighthearted even during this period. Here are some of the best memes.

1. This meme said goodbye to march after all the suffering that march brought for the world.

2. Some memes laughed about their situation in this way.

3. This one tried to find out who discovered April fool.

4. One of them was for oreo lovers.

5. Memes also pulled the leg of those who were born on 1st of april.

6. When we are talking about memes and if we dont talk about single people its not possible. So here is a meme sharing the pain of single boys.

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