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Apple Launches iPad Pro: Model Considered to Be a Closer Replacement to a Laptop

Apple has been at the forefront of the biggest technological milestones of the last quarter century. With iPhone and recently launched iPad, air pod speakers and fascinating MacBook it has broken all barriers. It has become the biggest technology conglomerate in the world today, with its net worth estimated in trillions.

Latest line of products that Apple has launched includes iPad Pro. This model has again been acclaimed universally with very few glitches in its specs. Moreover Apple has succeeded in its objective of giving people a more feasible device than laptop. Some reasons which make it a suitable replacement for laptops are-

Powerful Processor and Sleek Design

This iPad Pro Model is powered by an i7 core processors with A12Z Bionic Chip with M12 Motion Coprocessor. It makes the device extremely quick to operate and perform the necessary function. It also has a sleek and sturdy design with amoled capacitive touchscreen making the entire display very convenient. Coming with a 7megapixel front camera for assisting tasks, it also helps in smooth functioning with face recognition and true color being some primary features. The model is also very portable, light and easy to carry around from one designated place to another.

Apple Trackpad Mechanism

Apple has brought on a significant change by incorporating the trackpad system. Trackpad helps in isolating the operations while performing them on the device. Although iPad comes with the necessary guildelines of attaching an external mouse through the USB C port. However the smooth operating of the trackpad with vision censors help in the completion of the job.

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Biggest feature which the trackpad system has is of minimizing and split screen functions. During multitasking, you would previously have problem since one had to operate the cursors which has minimum sensitivity. However with in built trackpad you can smoothly access the files simultaneously.

Performance, Storage and Battery Life

iPad Pro has an inbuilt random access memory of 1TB. Helps majorly in unlimited access of files and storage items. With the increased processor capacity and an efficient motherboard in place, you can easily conduct voluminous tasks on the device. It also gives an ideal battery life of 8 hours of continuous support. Battery Capacity is much more in comparison to most other laptops currently available in the market.