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Antlers 2020 : Release Date, Cast, Plot And Everything We Know So Far

Antlers 2020 is a film by Guillermo del Toro. As seen till now that we don’t have any shortage of horror films in 2020 ,and antler 2020 is going to amaze the audience by its horror definitely.

Trailer of Antler 2020 has created an urge among the audience to watch it as soon as possible. Its screen play is based on a short story by Nick Antosca “the quiet boy”.Definitely antlers 2020 is not going to disappoint its audience.

Director- ScottCooper

Releasing date soon!!

 The release date for Antlers 2020 has been announced,and it will come in theaters on 17april,2020, not much time left from now .The audience can begin the countdown to watch this horrible movie.

It is going to give a tough competition to many animated horror movies.

Cast of Antlers 2020-

  • Keri Russell (Julia Meadows)
  • Katelyn Peterson ( Young Julia Meadows)
  • JessePlemons ( Paul Meadows)
  • JeremyT. Thomas (Lucas Weaver)
  • GrahamGreene (Warren Stokes)
  • ScottHaze( Frank Weaver)
  • RoryCochrane (Dan Lecroy)
  • AmyMadigan (Principal Booth)
  • CodyDavis(Clint)
  • SawyerJones( Aiden Weaver)
  • JakeT. Roberts (forensic officer)

Spoiler for Antler 2020

Some guesses about the plot have been made by seeing the trailers about the story of antler 2020.

This movie is going to be something different from that of the antosca’s story with that of hannibal..!!.there will be something more . The story will revolve around a young teacher from a small town ,her name is julia meadows and she started taking interest in one of her student ,he was not an odd student .His name was lucas  weaver,she soon realises that he have something which is not right and finds that luca’s father and his sister is hiding something that is not natural.She starts taking care of lucas and involved her in finding the reality behind the strange behaviour of his family ,she is going to fight for his family to save them  up to that level that no one can even imagine.She might put her life in danger in this whole.But whatever will be the result she is determined to help the family .She will take help of her sister ‘paul’ who is in the business of investigating deaths.Many unexpected things will be seen in the movie.

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A must watchful movie .

Stay tuned for more updates