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Another Spider-Man Movie by Sony In October 2021 !

On the morning of 11th February a tweet from ‘Exhibitor Relations Co. 2: Box Office Boogaloo’ announced the news that one more Sony/Marvel will be out .

With The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Sony has tried and failed to launch its own marvel universe. After that in 2014, Sony and Marvel signed to share the rights of Web-Slinger. Since then Tom Holland’s Spider-Man has been famous all over the world.

Sony Marvel Universe has released Spider-Man : Homecoming and Spider-Man : Far From Home as well as Venom in 2018.

Upcoming movies from Sony are scheduled. They are Moribus on July 31 ,2020 and Venom 2 on 2nd October,2020. Moribus starring Jared Leto is now confirmed part of The Marvel Cinematic Universe. After these two comes the Spider-Man: Homecoming 3 in July 2021. After these, Sony has allotted a date in October 2021 for an Untitled.

Sony is now working on Marvel movies which will feature the characters from the Spider-Man comic books. Though in Venom there was pretty much lacking in it’s relation to Spider-Man, the new movie Moribus will feature another Spider-Man Enemy. The movie will follow the story of Dr.Michael Moribus trying to cure himself from a deadly rare blood disease and will turn into a type of Vampire as it’s side effects.

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It seems that there is going to be another Untitled Spider-Man movie by Sony on 8th October 2021. No official announcement about the title or the character the movie will feature has been done yet! So let’s wait for the big announcement !