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Anonymous messaged Minneapolis Police Department in a Video

The death of George Floyd has led to huge protests across America. The racism that has been hidden in the society for years is again the talk of the town. The police officer who did this heinous crime is already in custody and charged with murder.

Recently the hacker group Anonymous has targetted the Minneapolis Police Department which is to be blamed for the murder of George Floyd.

Minneapolis Police warned by Anonymous

Anonymous posted a video on their social media page and gave an open warning to the Minneapolis police. A man in mask said that they do not believe that any justice will be served in the case of George Floyd, so they would bring out the real face of the Minneapolis Police Department by exposing all the crimes that they have done until now.

The narrator was seen giving the name of all those criminals who are, as he says, were killed by the police. There are also some high profile deaths linked with the police department, like Jamar Clark, Philando Castile, Justine Damond, Thursman Blevins, and Brian Quinones. They want all the associated police officers who were linked with George Floyd to be arrested and punished.

The officer who killed Floyd, Derek Chauvin is already charged with third-degree murder. The hearing came after 3 days of George Floyd’s death. 

The video which was heavily shared showed how Chauvin put his knee on Floyd’s neck and pressed hard till he died. Floyd was seen begging as he was unable to breathe. But still, the Chauvin did not listen. 

Protest in the US

The event has led to countrywide protest which is only getting larger and larger with more people coming forward to show their support again the racism. The protesters have even gone violent by burning down cars and whatnot. This included the two police vehicles which were set in fire because of the anger of the mob. 

The protesters even went to the White House and set afire outside the fences of the White building. The situation is such that the government in many states are forced to set a curfew in most of the places.

While there are protests across the country the social media is flooding since the tragedy. Many people across the world had condemned the death of George Floyd and blamed the police for the sinful act. 

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