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Anne With An E : is there any chance for the return ?

Is there any possibility for Anne With An E to return ?

It is the question haunting every fan’s mind. We have got an answer but that might disappoint you. It is definitely not coming back on Netflix. The show has finally CANCELLED for it’s 4th season. 

Anne with an E first aired on Netflix on may 12,2017. It was highly praised by viewers and the critics. Second and third seasons of the show also garnered a decent audience. The show is based on the novel ‘ Anne of the Green Gables’ by Lucy Maud Montgomery which was published in 1908.

The show followed the life of a redhead orphan who is adopted by the pair of siblings and her struggles to fit in the new world. The series has 27 episodes in total , 7 in the first season and 10 in the last two each. Last season aired on 3rd January 2020. 

Next morning after the release of season finale of season 3, it was officially announced that season 3 will be the last season of the show. Even producer of the show Moira Walley Beckett revealed that there is no chance for the show not to end. She also stated that she would like writing an AWAE finale feature film.

Fans of Anne With An E started a campaign #SaveAnneWithAnE to support the show. That went into vain as there is no hope for the show. Let’s hope that it will be back on other platforms sometime soon in future.

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