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Anime Series Haikyuu Season 5: Release Date, Cast, Plot and It’s Expectations

Anime series are always a popular source of entertainment for a lot of people. There’s a variety of high quality anime material on Netflix being streamed every week. With people being quarantined for the time being, they are binge watching every anime series there is on Netflix. Some famous anime movies like Dragon Ball, Perfect Blue and others have had major TRP ratings for the time being.

Haikyuu is a famous Anime sports drama which released first in 2014 with 16 episodes. It was a major hit and over the years four installments of that series have been launched. The last season is still on air with people watching it. However there is news of a 5th season airing recently. Fans are pretty excited about the prospect.

Haikyuu Season 5: Plot

This Anime series tells the story of a school volleyball team. How the members share a bond with each other is the main storyline of the series. In the last few seasons, we saw how the team excelled in difficult conditions to emerge triumphant. However with increase in popularity, there is also increase in the number of potential competitors. In the finale of the last episode, we saw that Fukusumo was the latest entry into the school volleyball team.

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Being an extremely competent player, his entry would bolster the team even more. However Kageyama and Hints are the two teams who developed their skill sets to cope with their environment. Many new faces will also be seen in the respective teams. From the previous seasons we know that Hints never shies away from doing immoral things. They are always ready to retrive and get any information available so that build an advantage over their rival teams. Thus we will find Hinta in Tsukishima’s camp trying to steal vital information from him.

Haikyuu Season 5: Release Date

The fifth season was supposed to release on July 2020. However due to the current circumstances, world reeling with Corona Pandemic, release date has been postponed. We are still unsure about when the movie will be released. But there is a possibility that the movie may have an October 2020 release.

Haikyuu Season 5: Fans Expectations

Fans are really excited about the fifth season of this franchise. With regular tweets and updates on social media, they are keeping pace with every small detail linked with the show. For more information you fans can log into our website in order to stay tuned to updates.