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Animated series “Log Horizon” Cancelled or Renewed? News Updated

Log Horizon is a series based on a Japanese novel which is written by “Mamare Touno” and ventured by Kazuhiro Hara. This series started in the year 2013 and later on followed by the second season started from 2014 to 2015.

It was concluded that after the air of the second season in 2019 third season might come up with its new anime. Fans were excited about the anime series as well as the manga but after the second season premiered in 2014, there is still a hope of the third season to be aired. For almost 5 volumes of the Log Horizon light novel series was covered in first season and volume 6 to 10 covered in the second season.

But apparently, this is on hold because the author was sentenced to jail due to TAX REASONS for 10 months.

The company was charged with ¥ 700,000 Though it is claimed that arrest of the author won’t affect the launch of Log Horizon, he might resume the work. There is chaos about the release of LOG HORIZON series 3, many of them are assuming to be released in 2021 but still, the confirmation is yet to come.


After scandal rumours, fans are still hoping for the release date as already this series was to be released in the year 2019 but it’s already 2020, so there is hope for renewal.

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The studio has confirmed that the premiere will be in October 2020.

As it is a popular series there is a high chance of the release of Log Horizon series 3 instead of cancellation.

The official announcement is yet to come, few months it is going to take for the confirmation of its air date. Good news is that, if there is an official announcement of the renewal of this series it will also be launched in ENGLISH VERSION for the fans.

Manga gace a wide scope to explore new characters in the world of Elder Tale. Though web series were released online in 2015, KRUSTY is LG volume 11, COLLAPSE OF THE ROUND TABLE is Volume 12, NIGHTINGALE’S SONG is the Volume 13, whereas TWILIGHT ORPHAN is Volume 14.


It’s not confirmed yet that third season is cancelled or renewed. Updates of this series say that there is a high possibility of releasing in coming time.

So, we can wait for the official announcement to come. The third season contains 25 volume of this series, so wait for the author to finish up to volume 15.