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Animal Kingdom Season 5 Plot, Cast and Release Date Information Are Eagerly Awaited by Fans

Animal Kingdom is an episodic TV show which appears on TV and on online platforms. It tells us the story of familial ties and the bonding and relationship which each family member shares with the other one. It basically goes through a tumultuous period in a family’s life. How they overcome those challenges and emerge stronger with lessons learned from each of those challenges is the basic theme of the story. Following are some important details you need to know about the new Season 5 of the show.

Animal Kingdom Season 5: Plot

There is absolutely no information about what the probable plotline for Season 5 of the show will be. It is expected that it will pick up from where Season 4 left off. The previous season had a lot of twist and tales and ended on a complete cliffhanger like situation. The first season of the show had aired with 10 episodes. The seasons following this- 3 seasons in total had 13 episodes to the show. The last episode of Season 4 released on 20th August 2019. It is only after a point of time or the release of the teaser and trailer that we can reveal something about the plot details. As of now all we know that Smurf is in an uncomfortable situation and is looking for ways to retreat from the ugly predicament.

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Animal Kingdom Season 5: Release Date

Due to the Coronavirus, all production activities are at a complete standstill. The fifth season was supposed to arrive somewhere in late 2020. That clearly looks like a far fetched dream as the situations today do not allow that to happen at any cost. Thus it is safe to assume that the fifth season would release somewhere around early 2021. The probable confirmation date is still unknown. Whenever we do get to know it, we will be uploading it on our official website for you to have a look.

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Animal Kingdom Season 5: Cast Details

Ellen Barkin would be playing the role of Janino Smurf in season 5 of the show. The actors who would be appearing in associate roles along with him are Jake Weary, Finn Cole and Molly Gordon. They would also be playing important characters.

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