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Animal Kingdom Season 5 Cast, Episodes and Release Date to hit the screen soon

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Animal Kingdom is a tv drama developed by Jonathan Lisco. The American series first aired on June 14, 2016. It enjoys a decent IMDB rating of 8.2 and is popular among the fans. Based on the Australian movie of the same name, it was a huge success for the TNT network. Since 2016 the show has easily managed to get renewed each year without any fail. With season four concluding last year fans are wondering when season 5 is going to drop.

Let’s get into further details:

When Season 5 of Animal Kingdom is releasing?

As of now, there has not been an official announcement about the release date of season 5 of Animal Kingdom. However, the shooting of the show was already started long ago in July 2019, the same month the show got a renewal. But due to the current situation that all the entertainment industry is facing because of the coronavirus outbreak, the producers were forced to halt the ongoing work in March 2020.

But looking at the pattern of the show’s previous season consistently releasing in the month of August, we could assume that it would be back during that time.

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The cast of Animal Kingdom Season 5

There has not been any official release of cast details for the show but the main characters are most likely to stay. We might get to see some new faces in the show as well. Here is the list of the cast members:

  • Ellen Barkin (Janine ‘Smurf’ Cody)
  • Scott Speedman (Barry ‘Baz’ Blackwell)
  • Shawn Hatosy (Andrew ‘Pope’ Cody)
  • Ben Robson (Craig Cody)
  • Jake Weary(Deran Cody)
  • Finn Cole ( Joshua ‘J’ Cody)
  • Daniella Alonso (Catherine Blackwell)
  • Molly Gordon (Nicky Belmont)
  • Carolina Guerra (Lucy)
  • Sohvi Rodriguez (Mia Benitez)
  • Rigo Sanchez ( Manny)
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What is the storyline of Animal Kingdom?

The story will take off from where it landed on season 4. We are going to see a whole lot more of Janine Cody in the next season. We might even get to see her boyfriend. There’s going to be huge twists and turns like the previous season for sure. With Smurf out, we are going to see a broken family. Get ready for more guys season 5 will drop anytime now.