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Animal Kingdom Season 5: Air Date, Cast, and Is There Any Good News for the Show ?

Netflix is known to be a host for a large variety of crime dramas involving life in the USA. Animal Kingdom is not an exception and might just be one of the best from this genre.
Four seasons of the show were released on Netflix in four separate years. Since it received mostly very positive reviews from the audience, the producers were encouraged to make another season.

Animal Kingdom Season 5 Plot Details

The story of Animal Kingdom moves around the main themes of crime, drama and family. It narrates the story of a powerful family in Southern California who use influence to expand their business.

In the quest of all conquering glory, they commit crimes and illegal activities. Their wealth and prosperity is subjected with scrutiny and suspicion. Other families in the neighborhood rise up in a revolt against them.

J, the protagonist of the story faces turmoil in his life when his parents die from an accident. He takes refuge in the house of Smurf, a member of this family in South California. Cody is the name given to this family.

While Smurf and J develop a brotherly relationship, J slowly becomes a part of the Cody family. He then looks after the business and becomes aware of the criminal activities.

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Animal Kingdom Season 5 Cast Details

A majority of the characters who were there in the previous seasons will return. Ellen Barkin will play the role of Janine Cody aka Smurf. Shawn Hatowsy will be reprised in the role of Andrew Cody aka Pope.

Finn Cole and Jack Weary will play the characters of Joshua and Deran Cody, the other members of the Cody family. No other new cast member additions has still been reported by the officials of the show. However rumors are ripe that new faces might be seen at some point.

Animal Kingdom Season 5 Release Date

There is some exceedingly good news for the fans who had been waiting for the arrival of the show. Shooting and Filming had been completed before March 2020, before the Corona Pandemic led to the postponement of many other shows.

Thus it will release as per schedule in April, 2020. No exact date of the release has still been finalized. However it is assumed that not much days are left for its universal release on Netflix.

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