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Animal Crossing: This Is How Multiplayer Format Keeping In Touch During Quarantine

Animal Crossing, a social simulation video game that published and developed by Nintendo, and created by Katsuya Eguchi. It releases its different platforms like Nintendo 64, Que player, Game cube, Wii, with, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch. The game first released in 2001 April 14.

The game is basically based on a human who lives in a small village and he has lots of animals, and he has lots of hobby like fishing, bug catching, fossil hunting. With this homely storyline, the game crossed sold over 30 million units worldwide.

How to add friends in this game?

Animal Crossing: new horizon, the Nintendo game updated with brand new multiplayer mode. This multiplayer mode means you and your friends can play together during this quarantine days. All you have to do is installed the game and add your friends similarly tell you, friends, also to add you as their in-game friend. Also, you don’t have to switch system also.

If your friends have your switch system then just go to the airport then find a dodo and you have to speak to it to without total extension stuff. This is enough to open the barrier and all your friends can join and play with you.

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So the question is if they came and destroy your island then what happens? No problem they can’t destroy your island without your permission, and also they can’t use many of their tools for safety. If you don’t want the unwanted changes in your village you deny the request.

You can also add some trusted friends as your best friends list, so they can edit or make changes on your village. Also, you can see whenever they come online you can see them and also send direct messages through the game. If you are not interested in this feature then there is no need to use this feature.

So in this tough lockdown situation, you need to just calm and take good care of your health and family member’s health. You can pass your free time by playing this game. Don’t panic, don’t go out, stay alert, stay safe. Stay tuned.