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Animal Crossing: A New Totally Different Update?

Every other Animal Crossing game starts out exactly the same. You being you (aka a human being) be a simple resident or the mayor of a town full of chirping birds and loud roaring lions and what not. But everything is going to be different now in the new Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the Nintendo Switch. You’ll have to start an absolutely new life with two animals as your very own along with a small airport and a service tent.

Aya Kyogoku, the director said that the change was necessary to bring something new into the franchise. She wanted to see people interacting in a different manner with the rest of the world and hence putting the players on a deserted island was her go to solution.

The new game is filled with fun and exciting changes while the basics and fundamentals remain the same. You would still have to sell fish and bugs to pay for your housing while living a quiet and serene life.

One big change brought is how you will be rewarded points for doing absolutely everything from cleaning up your garden to chit chatting with your nearby residents which can be later used to buy several things in the game. This the developer explains is also a way to bring in transition for new players as a way to play.

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She also thinks that it would help the already playing players who are engrossed in the game from a very long time. This being popularly called the Nook Miles system ensures that there are there are points for quantity but not the quality of the insects that you catch.

This way she saysthat even common insects will have more value to them.

Similar play has been done with the crafting system too. So now instead of simply buying things for needs, players could also build them on their own. This way she thinks that the players could have a different kind of bonding with the nature.

Players have always been able to customize things as they wanted to but this time the customization level are reached a new high. There has been put more focus into fashion as friends could play together and they would always love to show off their outfits.

All together all of these upgrades are going to make the game very refreshing but at the same time also very original to as what it used to be. “We wanted to create an experience that both old fans and new fans could enjoy,” says Kyogoku.