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American Horror Story’s Season 10 Delayed or Cancelled Till 2021

Now there are chances that American Horror Story season 10 theme might get postponed till the next year that is 2021. This article is for all the American Horror Story fans who were waiting for the season 10 but now I have to wait for an year. It was decided that the shooting of season 10 would begin in April 2020 but because of the Corona virus crisis it is not safe for the cast to work.

More Information About American Horror Story’s Season 10

An official theme of title has not revealed yet. But most probably Ryan Murphy would be transforming the theme of this show.

Cast for the Upcoming American Horror Story’s Season?

The cast for the tenth season includes Macaulay Culkin Sarah Paulson, Cathy Bates, Evan Peters, Leslie Grossman, Billie Lourd, Adina Porter, Angelica Ross and Fin Wittrock.

Also there are chances that the theme of American horror story would completely changed now. So during an interview Ryan Murphy who is the creator of this series said that he do not know what next step he would take and he do not know that he would wait for next year to shoot this season or not.

Now the Destiny of upcoming season is dependent on the time when the production will restart again and not a single decision has made by Murphy till now.

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What Ryan Murphy Is Thinking?

He said that he may get his new season with different theme and even different caste.

Murphy has got so many options and so many MI themes regarding the upcoming season and he said that everything would be decided at a specific moment.

Nothing has been revealed that but all we know is that show has renewed for upcoming three seasons but single him has not been decided yet. we would be really excited to see the upcoming season with the different or similar theme for different or similar cast. now we hope for the best and I hope that gets and amazing and axle and plot and theme about the 10th season of American horror story.