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American Gods Season 3 Rumored to Have More Episode Than Normal

Neil Gaiman wrote a novel with the same name as the series. The show was created by Bryan Fuller and Michael Green. It is a fantast drama tv series. The show has gotten good reviews from the audience and the critics. After two positive season, American Gods season 3 is on its way to the tv screens.

Release Date for American Gods season 3

The American series will soon be out with season three. It is supposed to be on the screens at around June or July 2020. This season will have another showrunner. The ongoing pandemic will hopefully not affect the release too much but we cannot say for sure as of right now.

Expectations from American Gods season 3

The producer of Walking Dead, Chick Eglee, will be heading the upcoming seasons. Gaiman also is pretty excited about this change in the showrunner. He agrees that Eglee will do a lot of good for the series. The new showrunner, Chick Eglee also created hope for season four as well for Gaiman. Gaiman stated that he is hopeful that before season three is at the end, they will be able to write and discuss for a season four.

However, due to the ongoing stressful events, there might be some shifts and changes in the release. The chances seem to be balanced for now.

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Cast for American Gods season 3

The main characters will the same as in the previous seasons of the show. Shadow Moon and Mr. Wednesday will be played by Ricky Whittle and Ian McShane respectively. Laura Moon will be played by Emily Browning. Mr. World will be played by Crispin Glover. Bruce Langley will play the role of Technical Boy. Some more characters will be returning especially the ones who were critical in the previous season of the show.

There is also a chance that some new characters might also show in the new season which will prove to be quite fruitful for the audience. Certainly, new characters would mean more fun.

What will be the plot of American Gods season 3?

The plot right now is a mystery for everyone. According to some discussions, the show’s story seems to be different from the movie. Sweeney and Laura never met in the book but they are clearly seen as a pair in the film. Laura is a character that has much more depth in the show in comparison to the book.

Gaiman says that he loves the characters in the show more than the books.

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