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American Gods Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot and Other Updates

American Gods has been a very popular series on the Amazon platform. Season 2 of this show released in 2019. Positive receptions greeted the show all throughout. Thus the fans have since been expecting a third season for the show. Directors have also confirmed via several interviews and social media that there will be a third season. Following are some important details you can look forward to in consideration of the series.

American Gods Season 3: Plot

The machinery behind the show has been very tight lipped about the contents of the show. However it is predicted that the third season will continue from where Season 2 left off. But the storyline is expected to be much more intriguing. No other details about the plot and the storyline is available as of now. Only after the trailer release will we get a minimal idea about what this season has in store for us. Till then we can only wait with bated breath and excitement in our hearts. Fans though are expecting some good news in the coming months.

American Gods Season 3: Cast

Cast members from the previous season are expected to reprise their role in this season as well. Some of the actors who have confirmed their participation are-

  • Ricky Whittle
  • Emily Browning
  • Bruce Langley
  • Demore Barnes
  • Ashley Reyes
  • Ian McShane
  • Omid Abdahi
  • Yetide Badaki
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There is still no confirmed news about who will join the existing casting members in Season 3. But it is sure that there will definitely be some fresh and new faces in this season.

American Gods Season 3: Release Date

As we all know every activity has come to a still due to ongoing lockdown situation. This has been caused due to the impending Coronavirus threat. All production activities concerned with the movies and series have come to a standstill. Thus it is very difficult to predict when Season 3 of this series will release. However since we know that Season 2 released in 2019, there is some expected pattern there. If everything is resolved quickly, then Season 3 might air in late 2020 or early 2021. Specific Dates can only be set after a proper evaluation of the situation is complete. Till then one can only wait for the trailer for further information.