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Amber Heard’s Troubled Life : Will She Be Able to Rescue Herself From the Defamation Case Filed by Her Ex-Husband?

You may or may not know what has been happening between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp. Things have gotten worse for both of them. All of this fiasco has affected Depp’s career and it will now affect Amber’s career too. It could even lead to Amber going to jail.

What happened to Johnny Depp and Amber Heard?

The two married each other back in 2015 and being in a relationship for a couple of years. Later, when the MeToo movement started, something happened. Amber went out on social media and stated that she is been a victim of Domestic Violence. Everyone was shell-shocked. Everyone supported her and they were with her.

The Consequence of All of This

Amber Heard’s accusation against Johnny Depp caused a tornado of problems. Johnny was unable to find good movies while Amber was doing well. All of this caused so much career related issues for him. Fans were angry with him too. He lost his role as Jack Sparrow because of this. Later, it was found out that Amber falsely accused Johnny.

All of this ruined his career and his social life but she was the one who lied. However, after the truth came to the light, Depp’s legal time really took on Heard. They sued her for defamation.

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This caused Heard to lose some roles. Now, she might get fired from Aquaman 2 as Mera. She will be replaced by someone, hopefully Emilia Clarke.

What is the future of Amber Heard?

Right now, Amber is in a truckload of problems. After giving everyone false information, she too will end up facing the wrath because of her actions. It will be impossible to win the case against Johnny and she might have also ruined her career over this.

Besides this, she might be facing 3 years in prison because of her actions. She will also have to pay $50 million for the defamation of Johnny Depp. The hearing for all this will be in Virginia after there is some relief from the ongoing pandemic. Right now, her future is looking pretty bleak, if you ask me.

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