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Amber Heard Loses Her Role in Aqaman 2 : Who Will Take Her Place ? Click to Know

It is totally different, the lives of actors on and off screen. We think that they are the same in real life as compared to their on-screen characters. However, the biggest problem about being an actor is that whatever you do in real life has a consequence. Your public image should be on the up and up otherwise you will have problems. That is what happened to Johnny Depp. Now, his Amber Heard is facing problems.

Amber Heard played the role of Mera in the first Aquaman movie alongside Jason Momoa. Not too long ago, some rumours started to pour out on the social media that she might get fired from Aquaman 2. We know as to what might be the reason.

What Is the Reason?

In 2016, Amber Heard also joined the MeToo movement and stated that she was a victim of domestic violence. She accused her husband, Johnny Depp for it. Depp had to divorce Amber in 2017.

This movement became a trend everywhere and during that time, everyone supported Amber and called her brave. Johnny, on other hand, faced a ton of problems because of all this. The worst thing about all of this was that it ruined his career. Amber had little to no evidence to support her claims but people were still on her side.

Depp and Amber’s issues went to court but she lacked the evidence. Johnny still couldn’t manage to get himself a good movie while Amber Heard did. Johnny later released a tape. In that, it was found out that Amber Heard was mocking Johnny. She admitted to this.

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Now, petitions have started to come for her. She might get fired from Aquaman 2 and it might really happen. No one wants their movie to get negative reviews because of one actor. However, no official statement has been released yet.

What Is Going to Happen to Amber?

After it was found out that she falsely accused her ex-husband, she might lose her role as Mera. Besides this, it could also lead to her losing roles in many movies in the future. L’Oreal too, might fire her from the position of spokesperson. However, they are yet to announce this or make a comment on it.

Who will play Mera after Amber?

Since, there is no official announcement as of now, it is pretty much impossible to say who will get the role. However, it might be Emilia Clarke. If that is true then fans will be very excited to see the Game of Thrones actress as a queen once again.

However, that is something that we cannot say for sure. We will just have to wait for the confirmation of all of this by the movie creators.