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Amber Heard: Ex Husband Johnny Depp Threatened to Kill Me Many Times

Hollywood is known for having its own share of fractious relationships. The showbiz business for a long time has been about marital instability. There are very few couples who have been married into the industry for a sustainable amount of time. Much of this controversial statement can be attributed to the fact that glamor plays a huge part. With actors and actresses interacting with each other on a regular basis, marriage truly becomes a touch choice. Especially for these volatile personalities. However no marriage has been as controversial as that of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.

Allegations of Domestic Violence

Amber Heard has appeared in the court of law and told many times that she was domestically abused. Johnny in a fit of rage and under the influence of drugs and alcohol had attacked her many times. There have been 14 cases of domestic violence filed against him. However, Depp has pleaded guilty for each of them. He has also claimed that on majority cases, his wife would be the culprit. Amber said that she met him for the first time in 2009 on the sets of Rum Diary. Their romance started brewing in 2011. Johnny had the charisma and charm to bowl over any women and the beautiful Amber was no different. Later, he would try to hurt Heard and blamed it on his monstrous alter ego, he was under the influence of.

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Three Day Hostage Situation

Amber Heard had told that she was held in a hostage situation by Johnny for three days. During their marriage from 2015-2017, Depp locked her up in a room. Then he tore her gown away and would attack, hurt her neck and injure her. Amber would retaliate by throwing a bottle of vodka at him. But according to her claims, it was an act of self-defense. During that period Johnny would treat her maliciously and would also verbally abuse her.

Allegations of having affairs with Co-Actors

Amber also remarked by saying that Depp would become suspicious of her involvement with Co Actors. He would rebuke her and would falsely accuse her of having an affair with them. She also revealed that he had a nickname for each of those co actors. He would call DiCaprio Pumpkin Head and would also call Channing Tatum Potato Head.