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Amazon Prime: Now You Can Buy Movie Feature Added in IOS Device

Amazon Prime, is the premium OTT Platform for watching TV series, Movies and other shows in India. Its global outreach makes it an international platform with cohesive features.

With Amazon Prime you can now buy a movie feature on IOS app

Previously if one had to see a movie or a series it was only available on stream for Apple users.

However Amazon in collaboration with Apple has launched a new feature. Now the same users can buy or rent movies on Amazon and pay through their account.

Previously they could stream the movie but on a different device like Fire TV or Roku. But now Apple users can access unlimited storage of songs, movies and shows through this feature.

Currently only users in Germany, UK and USA can access this feature. But Amazon is extending it’s infrastructural base in order to expand its outreach in other countries.

Apple Users now won’t have to apply tedious methods to download movies. They can binge watch anything they like with the help of this buying and renting feature.

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